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My name is Tony Foster and I am the new Trust Manager for Stratherrick & Foyers Community Trust. I am very excited about taking up the role and the opportunity to support the community and Trust Board in any way I can. I appreciate these are unusual times but communities and community groups across Scotland have led the way in supporting each other like never before.
For the community of Stratherrick and Foyers area I see (in my limited knowledge of the area) this is nothing new, but it has certainly been enhanced and strengthened during the last twelve months, which I find truly inspiring. I hope we can retain the links that have been made and are needed to support each other as we all gradually come out of this epidemic.
Quite by chance you have an excellent opportunity with the community consultation that is taking place. The findings from this work can help focus the Trusts resources and make sure everyone has their say, and not simply driven by the loudest voices. Wider than that it will also help other community groups strengthen and adapt what you do to make the area an even better place to live and work.
One of the outputs from the process will be strong guiding principles for all the community to work towards. I hope we can all work together on achieving the community objectives that you will help to identify in this major piece of work. The amount of work that has already been done ‘behind the scenes’ by volunteers with busy lives has impressed me. Several projects are being worked on at an equal pace with the expectation more will come from the proposed Community Action Plan. This will keep us all busy for a few years yet!
Along the way I hope to have a chance to say ‘hello’ – even if ‘virtually’ for the time being. I've been made to feel very welcome so far and that certainly helps calm any new job nerves I had!

Meantime stay well.


Tony Foster
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