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One of the first ‘legacy’ projects to be agreed by the new broad of directors was to improve the quality of communication with the community it serves. It is recognised that our collective ability to invest the windfarm and hydro community funds in the most effective way possible is based on  building a broad-based coalition of support. The coalition is made up of a number of critical partners; at the core is the community supported by a close alliance with local voluntary groups and societies, statutory bodies such as the Community and Highland Council, political representatives, the people running our public services including the fire service, police and medical services and regional and national bodies.  To achieve this the Board has put in place a communication strategy that has the following pillars:

  • A  statement of the Trust’s values and behaviours that will then shape the way we communicate on a day-to-day basis with the community we serve
  • A policy of openness and transparency that enables the community to get involved and influence everything the Trust is working on
  • An plan that will provide a mandate for the Trust’s 20-year-strategy
  • Online and offline communications channels that are as effectively as possible

In this page you will find details of the steps that are being taken to put the pillars in place.



The implementation of the communication strategy is based on these building blocks:




1. Mandate for a plan of action.

The primary purpose of the Trust is to guide the investment of the windfarm and hydro community funds, in line with the wishes of the community, to provide a legacy for future generations. Independent consultants have been brought in to develop the Community Action Plan. This link will take you to a page that describes this project in detail (add link). The key actions are:

  • Gather the views of the community (March)
  • Develop a set of projects that reflect the key priorities that emerge from the consultation process (April)
  • Publish the Community Action Plan (May)
  • Establish working groups that guide the development and implementation of the projects (June)

With the CAP in place, the communications team will develop the steering group, that has been set up for the CAP, into a permanent body that provides advice and guidance to the Trust on key issues and the development of Trust policy


2. Sophisticated communication channels

The primary focus on the communications team in the first few months has been to ensure that the Trust has in place the most effective communication channels. The key actions are:

  • Re-design the Trust’s website in order that it provides lots of detail about the Trust’s activities and is a resource for all clubs, societies, businesses in the area. It should be perceived as a community website first and a communication channel for the Trust, second.
  • Improve the Trust’s participation in social media by developing a Trust Facebook page and establishing a presence on Twitter and Instagram
  • Put in place an efficient design and publishing process that can output a wide range of publications
  • Publish, twice a year, a news and lifestyle magazine that reports on the life and times of the Strath. This should take the form of a ‘publication of record,’ providing a comprehensive insight into the social and business life of the community. The first edition of the re-modelled Stratherrick & Foyers Magazine was published at christmas and the next edition will be in early summer
  • Publish a monthly Stratherrick & Foyers newsletter that provides a regular update on the activities of the Trust and general news about the area
  • Publish a weekly email for Trust members that keeps them abreast of all Trust activities at a granular level


3. Community engagement

There are a number of practical steps that are being put in place to markedly improve the level of engagement the Trust has with the community. The development of the Community Action Plan stands at the pinnacle. Other key actions are:

  • Put in place the tools that enable the Trust to communicate with everyone. This will include the development of a comprehensive email list (an output from the CAP process) and address list for everyone who does not have access to a computer
  • Ensure all legacy projects have a steering group drawn from the community
  • Provide many get-in-touch points in the new website that will provide users with direct access to directors
  • Hold routine meetings with the Trust’s key stakeholders including key funders and businesses in Stratherrick and Foyers
  • Deliver/facilitate a schedule of community events such as Fireworks Night, Summer Fare, Christmas Winter Wonderland etc.


4. Keeping us on track

The communication team is responsible for ensuring that the Board of Directors continue to listen and respond to the wants and needs of the community. Key actions to achieve this are:


  • Develop a set of performance metrics that will provide a strong indication of the efficiency and effectiveness of the Trust. These will include the quality of the processes where we interact with the public such as managing grant applications
  • Institute a bi-annual opinion survey when we will ask the community to rate the Trust's performance
  • Hold routine meetings with the Trust’s key stakeholders including key funders, statutory bodies and businesses in Stratherrick and Foyers



The communications team consists of the Trust Directors Gareth Jones, Jillian Barclay and Catriona Fraser together with two members of the Trust staff; the new manager Tony Foster and the Community Liaison Officer, Steven Watson.

There is a weekly project meeting on a Tuesday and to get an idea of the progress we are making on implementing our strategy please see the Task Tracking Document by clicking on the link you can see at the top right-hand side of the page. We would welcome anyone who would like to contribute to this project to get in touch with Gareth at or Jillian at

Project Timeline

May 21 May Strath News Magazine Launched Mar 21 New Website Launch Feb 21 First Monthly Newsletter Launches Nov 20 First A4 Strath News Launches Oct 20 New Website Planning Begins
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